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Mish Mash: The Art of Obtaining Sugar from Grain
Presented by Scott Shueler from Two Henrys Brewing

Refrigeration in Brewing

Presented by Mathew Dahm from Mastry's Brewing Co.

Home Brew 101: Tips and Tricks for the Newbie

Presented by Daniel Mills

What Brewers Need To Know About Water

Presented by Jim Leonard


Scott A Shuler

Daniel Mills

Jim Leonard


Jim is a retired chemist and is the Director of the USFSP Brewing Arts Certificate Program. Before retiring, Jim was Sr. Director of International Regulatory Affairs for the Parke Davis Pharmaceutical Research Division of Warner Lambert (now Pfizer).  He was also past Chairman of the Board of the Regulatory Affair Professionals Society, an international organization consisting of regulatory professionals from industry and government .

Jim began his career in the pharmaceutical industry as a synthetic organic chemist at Parke Davis Pharmaceutical Research.  Prior to Parke Davis, Jim had extensive experience as a quality control chemist with the Campbell Soup Company. Jim studied chemistry in a Master’s degree program at Bowling Green State University and two PhD programs at the University of Michigan, one in organic chemistry and one 20 years later in inorganic chemistry after retiring from Pfizer. 

Jim taught general chemistry at St Petersburg College and general chemistry and organic chemistry at USF St Petersburg as an adjunct professor. He was instrumental in setting up an internship for biology majors at USFSP and craft breweries in the Tampa Bay region.


A Southern Baptist pastor originally from Lancaster Pennsylvania, Scott has made Florida his home since ’99.  Scott graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia with a Bachelor degree in Religion and Non-Profit Administration in 2009.  He also has a background in electrical and mechanical service along with various certifications.  But his real love is brewing.

Beginning as a homebrewer a few years ago, Scott sought out commercial brewing, which he found when he started at Three Palms Brewing in 2013.  In 2014, he relocated to Plant City and to Two Henrys Brewing Company where he has been the head brewer for a little over a year.  During this time, he has doubled capacity, tripled production, and plans to build a full production facility in the near future.

Daniel, a native of Pinellas county, is a middle school STEM teacher in South Tampa.  When he’s not shaping young minds, he has his thoughts on homebrew.  He dedicates much of his free time towards learning about the craft of brewing through reading, listening to podcasts, and discussing various topics with his fellow home brewers.

 Originally beginning his brewing adventures with a borrowed stockpot, his kitchen stove, and a few friends, Daniel’s home brewing journey has increased in quality and consistency.  As time progressed, his desire to learn more lead him to join the Suncoast Barley Mashers Guild, a home brew club based out of Pinellas.  As an educator, Daniel is always searching to learn more as well as share his learned knowledge.

The Engineering Behind Craft Beer

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