The Engineering Behind Craft Beer

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Dr. Vinay Gupta

 “Beer We Can”: The Crafty Engineer’s Slogan

       Dr. Vinay Gupta is a professor in the department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering at USF.  In addition to teaching aspiring chemical engineers, his group researches novel polymer-metal nanoparticle combinations for photocatalysis, biomedical diagnostics, and bionanotechnology. Ongoing projects focus on study and interplay of modified nanoparticle systems in contexts such as theranostic applications and drug delivery. Among other honors, he is the recipient of the Early Career Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) of USA, the Everitt Award for Teaching Excellence from the University of Illinois and the Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teaching Award from USF.  He is the author of over 40 refereed publications and holds three patents.

Bob Bridges - Suncoast Barley Mashers Guild
"Off Flavors and How They Affect Your Beer"

​       Bob Bridges has been involved with home-brewing since 1992. He has spent 40 years in the IT industry and brewing is his major hobby. He has brewed hundreds of batches and honed his skills in many areas of brewing from working with many styles, barrel aging, archeo-beer to yeast management. You may have tasted his beers at some of the local beer fests.
       Bob has competed in the Florida Homebrew circuit and has created many medal winning beers. Bob is a Certified BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) judge and has been a judge for the Florida circuit and the Best Florida Beer Pro series.
       Bob won the first Pro-AM competition associated with Dunedin Brewery. His beer “ABC IPA” was on tap at the brewery and also entered in the Pro-Am at GABF several years ago. He also has had a single barrel of beer called “Where’s My Lips”, on tap at Cigar City Brewing Company, after it was chosen with 3 others from different guilds/clubs at the 2011 Hunahpu Day.
       Bob is a founding member of Suncoast Barley Masher Guild, a Pinellas based homebrew organization, whose goal is to help new and experienced brewers raise their knowledge and capabilities.

Desiree Chubb & Ty Weaver - 3 Daughters Brewing

​       Desiree Chubb is the Director of Quality Assurance here at 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg.  Desiree’s role as the laboratory director is to ensure that 3 Daughters Brewing products are produced at a consistent level of high quality.  Desiree, a Bradenton resident with a background in business, spent ten years in investment banking and management before returning to college to study Natural Sciences at the State College of Florida.  Desiree graduated in Fall 2015 with a degree in Biotechnology and is currently pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in Biophysics at USFSP.   Desiree was a top four finalist for Outstanding Graduate and was awarded the Biotechnology student of the year award.  Desiree presently teaches students in the USFSP Brewing Arts program quality assurance laboratory techniques, supervises interns from several local colleges, is an active Industry Partner at the State College of Florida, and is working with the University of Florida IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center performing Florida hops trials.

        Ty Weaver is the Head Brewer and brings his considerable creative talents to each of the 3 Daughters Brewing craft beers. Ty has shown his culinary skills by creating innovative menus for highly successful restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse and Bella Brava.  His years of training and working in restaurants allows him to design original, fresh recipes whether for a food menu or a new craft beer.  During the years that Ty refined his skills around menu creation and kitchen execution, he also developed an interest in craft beer. An avid home brewer, he began creating craft beers in the restaurant to complement his menus. In addition to adding zest to dishes like beer battered fish, his craft beers served on tap grew to represent 30-40% of all beer sales. Today, Ty’s distinct and cultivated palate allows him to formulate interesting and adventurous taste combinations. With an unparalleled passion for craft brewing, Ty has translated this gift into 3 Daughters Brewing beers; they are complex, authentic and elegantly crafted.

 The Sensory Evaluation and pyschology of beer


        Dr. Bill Lee is a full professor in the Dept. of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering.  Prior to coming to USF, he worked at the Procter & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, focusing on food product development where he was trained in a variety of food sensory evaluation procedures.  He has also taught sensory perception courses in the Psychology department and within Biomedical Engineering.  He is also a successful graduate of the prestigious Chocolate Technology School in Hayward, California.